Joshua Waterslide Rentals

Joshua Waterslide Rentals 

Joshua Waterslide Rentals come to you from Engles Bounce Houses! If you live in Joshua Texas, we’re sure you have heard of us! We are one of the leading Bounce House companies in the Burleson and surrounding counties. Our Waterslide Rentals are great for any event. Church functions, birthday parties, school events, any occasion is a good time for a waterslide. All ages can enjoy our fun waterslides and we have a great selection to choose from. Joshua Waterslide Rentals

Summer is here and the perfect time to throw a water party! If you plan on having guests of all ages check out this Site to brush up on your water safety. 

Party Rentals 

Engles Bounce Houses is more than just waterslides! We have tons of great rentals sure to make your next event a hit. If You’re a school or church wanting to throw a larger event for fundraising or just for fun why not set up an entire carnival! We have the perfect rentals to make your carnival come to life. 

These are just a few of our great Activities Rentals. You can’t have a carnival without Concessions! Add-on one of our Dual Tank Slushy Machines to keep your guests cool in the Texas heat. Nothing says carnival like a Popcorn Machine or a Cotton Candy Machine! We also offer a Large Sno-Cone Machine as well as a Small Sno-Cone Machine to accommodate any number of guests. Need helping decorating? Check out this great Site for carnival decoration ideas! 

Fun For Everyone Bounce House & Event Rentals Joshua

Whether your entertaining a large or small crowd you’ll want to check out our fun Obstacle Course rentals. 

Obstacle races are great for all ages and a great way to keep large groups entertained for hours!  

Engles Bounce Houses brings the fun to you and picks it up! We inflate and sanitize all of our bouncers and rentals after to pick up to ensure you receive a clean and safe product! If you have any questions about renting feel free to check out our FAQ’s section or Contact Us. When you’re ready to have the time of your life Contact Engles Bounce Houses and let us help you make your next event one everyone will be bouncing for! 

Burleson Party Rentals

Burleson Party Rentals

Are you a Burleson resident that has a party to plan? Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals provides Burleson Party Rentals for all occasions. We are proudly located in Burleson, Texas and deliver the fun straight to your door.   

There are plenty of opportunities during the summertime to set up one of our Water Slides in your very own backyard. Many of our rentals are great for all ages. The 18ft Tropical Water Slide makes the perfect addition to any summertime party or event.   

Inflatables we have to offer:  

Dunk Tank With TrailerHow would you like to host the ultimate celebration with a Dunk Tank? This rental will make a unique addition and is sure to make a splash! Whether you are throwing a benefit to raise money or just want to have the coolest party around the Dunk Tank rental is always a hit. Let your guests contribute to a worthy cause or take turns giving each other a dunk. Throw in a Snow Cone Machine from our selection of Concessions to top off the festivities!  

These 23 Incredible Carnival Ideas can make any event more festive!    

Give your party or event entertainment for the masses with our Activity Games 

Many of our Activity Games are designed for all ages. Let the older and newer generations show each other a thing or two playing games. These interactive and inflatables make great additions to birthdays, graduation celebrations, school fun days, city festivals, block parties, and so much more!   

Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals even have a Game Truck Rental that is ideal for kids and teenagers! We have a few different consoles and games to choose from. Be sure to ask one of our associates if you have any special game requests. The Game Truck Rental can accommodate 8-10 gamers so everyone can enjoy the party. If you have more folks attending just take turns! We will always ensure that all games are age appropriate so that you can just enjoy the moment.   

Check out Game On! An Ultimate Gaming Party! For some incredible ideas!   

Take the stress out of party planning and let Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals do the dirty work. All you have to do is reserve your rentals and we will do the rest. We will deliver, set up, and pick up your rentals. This will give you more time to focus on the important things so you can focus on the fun.  

All of our rentals are inspected, cleaned, and sanitized because we care about your health and safety. Contact Us today for all your rental needs! 

Inflatables & Party Rentals - Engles Bounce Houses & Event Rentals

Water Slides for Rent

Water Slides for Rent

Who’s ready for summertime? Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals has Water Slides for Rent to help you cool off in style! We are located in Burleson, Texas, and service many of our neighboring cities. Now you can beat the heat in your own backyard, and practically anywhere, with one of our awesome inflatables.  

Our Water Slides give you the best in entertainment. Most of our inflatable units are suitable for all ages. This means children, teens, and adults can join in on all the excitement! If you are having that family barbeque or a party go ahead and splurge on a couple of different inflatable rentals to provide more fun for everyone!   

Water Slides:  

Water Slides make great additions to almost any outdoor event, especially in Texas. Did you know Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals also has a 52ft Jungle Water Obstacle? This amazing inflatable unit takes playing in the water to a whole new level! Two people can race through this obstacle course with ease and safety all while having the time of their lives. This is a great unit for large parties, school events, and corporate events.  

If you are planning a party and need ideas then check out these 12 Most Popular Summer Party Themes  

We love helping our local schools celebrate summer! Some of our most popular items for school functions include Bounce Houses, Water Slides, Dry Slides, and Obstacle Courses. Students and faculty alike love play days and blowing off a little steam, especially after the STAAR test!   

With all the options Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals has to choose from you will find the perfect inflatable or rental for your party or event. We offer rentals that will have any birthday, company picnic, graduation, wedding, or retirement party extra special. Every party will always benefit from Concession Rentals. You’ll be the host with the most by providing tasty slushies with the Dual Tank Slushy Machine 

Texas weather can be extra sunny in the warmer months. Provide your guests some shade with one of our amazing Tent & Canopy Rentals. The 20’ x 30’ Tent W/O Side Walls is an excellent choice that will accommodate everyone. This rental is also great for making any outdoor event feel indoors when you add the 20ft x 30ft Side Walls 

Get some amazing ideas from these 28 Tent Decorating Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Wedding Reception if your tent rental is more formal.   

Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals has everything you need to make any event spectacular! You can rest assured knowing all of our rentals are inspected and cleaned after each use. We also deliver, set up and pick up your rentals so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Contact us today and let’s get the party started. 

Inflatables & Party Rentals - Engles Bounce Houses & Event Rentals

Midlothian Bounce House Rentals

Midlothian Bounce House Rentals

If you live in Midlothian, Texas and you’re planning a party then Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals has everything you will need! Midlothian Bounce House Rentals are made easy peasy with us! We are located in Burleson, Texas and we love to serve our neighboring cities.

Kids will be overjoyed as they pull up to the best party on the block in your very own backyard. The colorful Bounce Houses we have to offer will blow their little minds as they bounce their way into new friendships and fun. You will be happy to see all the little smiling faces.

Try out one of our Combo Bouncers. These awesome inflatables have a few things all rolled into one unit! Your guests will be able to not only bounce but climb and slide inside these bouncers. Plus, they are compact enough to fit perfectly inside most yards.

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Bounce Houses:

One of our most unique Bounce Houses is the Boxing Bounce House. This unit is perfect for those little boys to rough house in safety. You will be provided not only the soft cushy arena space with the bounce house itself, but we also provide protective headgear and gloves. Don’t be fooled. Little girls can have a blast in the ring too!

Birthday parties aren’t the only time to rent an inflatable. Many of our customers are school, churches, cities, and corporations/businesses. That’s right, corporations love renting our Obstacle Courses for some good old-fashioned team building exercises. These are some of our largest inflatable units so you will need space in order to set them up. Don’t worry though, with the help from our Generators we can set up practically anywhere!

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Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals is truly your one-stop rental shop. We have everything from Concessions to Tents/Canopies. You and your guests will be snacking in the shade! We all know Texas weather can be a bit finicky. Be prepared so that you can have your party or your event when you want to; not when the weather allows you to.

You can rest assured knowing the Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals cleans and inspects all of our rentals after each use. This is to keep you healthy and safe. Once you have reserved your rentals all you have to do is sit back and wait until the day of your party or your event. We will deliver, set up, and pick up the rentals. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Contact us today to set up your reservations. We would love to help you celebrate whatever occasion with our rentals. Remember, no matter how informal or formal your event Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals is there for you!

Cleburne Water Slide Rentals

Cleburne Water Slide Rentals

Hey Cleburne residents, parties can be made more fun and exciting with inflatables! Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals offers Cleburne Water Slide Rentals that are out of this world amazing. We are located in Burleson, Texas and deliver to many of our neighboring cities. All you need to do is book your rentals and we will do the rest.   

Cleburne Water Slide RentalsTexas heat is easy to beat with one of our Water Slides or Water Combos. These inflatable units will give you hours of playtime while staying cool. Tell all your guests to grab some sunblock and a towel and join in all the action!  

Water Slides 

Maybe you are looking for something a bit more special than just a water slide. Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals have it all. Check out our great selection.   

Water CombosWaterslide Rentals  

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Renting an inflatable that gives you all the amusement of a water park in your very own backyard is amazing for so many reasons. First off, you can sit back and let the inflatable units provide all the entertainment. Kids will be drawn to these colorful bouncy units right away. Alos, parents will be able to sit and socialize while watching their little ones play with new and old friends!   

Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals not only has a great selection of Water Slides and Water Combos, but we also have all your rental needs in one place. If you need extra seating, we have Table & Chair Rentals. You can make your event as formal or informal as you would like. We can accommodate both.   

Take a look at 16 Tips for an Effortless Outdoor Party.   

Being a resident of Texas, you know how the weather can be a bit fussy. It seems that no matter what the forecast says Texas does its own thing. That’s why we offer Tent & Canopy Rentals. Now you can still have your party or your event without worry about the elements.   

Now that you have your water slide, seating, and shelter handled what about the food? Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals wouldn’t be a full-service rental facility without Concessions. You can choose to serve some awesome slushies or margaritas with our Dual Tank Margarita Machine or Dual Tank Slushy Machine. Throw in the Popcorn Machine rental and you are ready to party!  

Inflatables & Party Rentals - Engles Bounce Houses & Event RentalsYou can rest assured knowing that all of our rentals are cleaned and inspected after each use. We will deliver, set up and pick up your rentals so that you won’t have to.   

It’s always a good idea to reserve your rentals as soon as possible. That way you will have everything you need without worry. Contact us today and let Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals help you make your party or event the best it can be! 

Cleburne Bounce House Rentals

Cleburne Bounce House Rentals

Are you planning a party or an event in Cleburne? Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals offers Cleburne Bounce House Rentals that are sure to get the party started! We are located in Burleson, Texas and not only deliver to our hometown but our neighboring communities too.  

Bounce HousesCleburne Bounce House Rentals give any party or event that little something extra. Kids will enjoy seeing the bright colorful inflatable as they arrive. Parents will love the spectator windows as they allow them to see everyone having fun. If you are having your party or event somewhere without sufficient power we have Generators so that you will be able to set up practically anywhere.   

Bounce Houses 

If you love our Bounce Houses you should check out our selection of Combo Bouncers. These inflatable units offer a variety of activities all in one unit. Kids will be able to bounce, climb a wall, and slide with their friends! These inflatables are always a win, and they are compact so they fit inside most yards.   

Game Truck RentalsMaybe you’re looking for something for young adults? Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals has a few options for them too! We have a Game Truck that is sure to get the hearts pumping. This rental features different gaming consoles so everyone can find something they like. The truck can accommodate 8 to 10 people at once. That’s sure to level up the gaming experience! If gaming doesn’t sound appealing then check out our Obstacle Courses. These inflatables require a bit more space for set up. However, once these are up and running people of all ages can give these units a try! You may even want to try a game of parents versus kids.  

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Obstacle Courses 

Concession Rentals Did you forget about snacks? You can get all your rentals here, including Concessions. We have fun foods like cotton candy and popcorn. Don’t worry if you have a large party we have all the concession supplies you will need. 

Check out some ideas from these 23 Incredible Carnival Party Ideas.

Engles Bounce House and Event Rentals is your one stop shop for all your rental needs. We have everything from Tent & Canopy Rentals to Table & Chair Rentals. You can throw a birthday party, retirement party, wedding, graduation party, and so much more! Ask us about Jumbo Games. These larger than life games will entertain everyone. 

All of our rentals are inspected and cleaned after each use. We always want to ensure your safety first. We will deliver, set up and pick up your rentals so you won’t have to do a thing. Contact Us today for Cleburne Bounce House Rentals.