We are very glad that you are not only interested in our business but also  willing to take in some advice for your first successful bounce house party. When you begin planning a party it’s always good  to consider what you want to be present in it and how to schedule your party. Most personal parties take a day and it’s a  good idea to choose a fitting bounce house for the attendants involved, whether your party is for kids or for your friends.

Most of your decisions will involve budget and size of venue. We will soon have our bounce house dimensions up to make it  easier for you to make your decision, but the important thing is that you have plenty of room to safely party and a bounce house  that will hold all of the attendants involved. Is the venue near sources of water and power? How much food will people eat?  All of these are factors in your party planning. If you ever need help, we are here to talk with you about your options, too