Generator Rentals

You found the perfect event location in the middle of the park and you know you are going to rent an inflatable, but how will it work without electricity? Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals has a selection of Generator Rentals that will allow you to set up your Bounce Houses where ever you would like!  

Our 5000 Watt Generators will have your event up and running practically anywhere. You won’t have to worry that there isn’t a power source to make those inflatables rise to the occasion. These generators are powerful and will give you hours of airtime for your inflatable so your guests can enjoy bouncing their little hears out! 

Don’t forget to provide some shade! We offer Tents & Canopy Rentals to help give you and your guests some shelter from the elements. Texas is known for the weather changing throughout the day. You definitely won’t be caught off guard with this smart rental.  

Engles Bounce Houses & Event Rentals is always happy to deliver, set up, and pick up your rentals. This will give you more time to focus on party planning and entertaining your guests. We love being able to bring the party direct to you! Get your reservations made and let us do the rest.

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