Kids Party Entertainers

Are you looking for something a little extra for your party or event? Kids Party Entertainers by Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals may be exactly what you are looking for! Now all your party goers will enjoy a little bit of artistic talent that they can wear with our Face Painting Artist 

Let your little ones get creative with the entertaining artist and their requests as the artist paint spectacular shapes, animals, and superheroes on little faces. Entertainment like this is great for small or large events. You can hire the artist for birthdays, school celebrations, fundraisers, church event, city festivals, and so much more!  

Provide even more entertainment with our Game Truck Rental. This is the latest trend for kids and teens. There they will have a selection of consoles and games to choose from. This is a unique experience for everyone! 

Engles Bounce House & Event Rentals will take care of delivery, set up and pick up of all your rentals. This will enable you to direct your focus on the event. We also always inspect and clean all rentals after use for your health and safety.  

All you need to do is set up your rental reservations and let us take care of everything else! We will gladly bring the party to you! 

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