Water Slide Burleson

Water Slide Burleson, TX

Water Slide Burleson can be found at Engles Bounce Houses, Home of Burleson Texas Party Rental Equipment.  Engles Bounce Houses delivers Inflatable Water Slides to the ENTIRE Burleson, TX area.  We carry Water Slides of many themes and sizes to give options that best fit your specific party needs.  We are one of only a few in this local area that carry a Water Slide that best fits the safety features for a Toddler.  We even carry Water Slides that have height enough to fit for adult sizes.  You can also keep in mind that any of our Water Slides can be rented as Dry Slides as well.  Dry Rentals are also a discounted price since there will be no water to add extra cleanup time.

Safety Features of Engles Bounce Houses Water Slides

  • We have several front loading slides that make it very easy to monitor. ( Less water damage to yards as well )
  • All of our front loading slides are fully enclosed at the top for optimal safety.
  • We apply pool pads on the under side of the pools for a softer landing.
  • Our Toddler Water Slide has a air cushion under the pool for an extra safe landing.
  • Our rear loading Toddler Water Slide has a safety bumper on the bottom of the climbing wall.


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Water Slide Burleson